One Big Monitor

Over the summer I decided to make a few renovations to my editing setup. My Retina Display MacBook is a thing of beauty and it’s been awesome to finally use a computer that keeps up with me. The crystal clear display makes it easy to spot imperfections in my images but there’s only so much you can comfortably fit on a 15 inch screen at the same time. So as a business expense I purchased a 27 inch Dell IPS monitor.

There is no right or wrong way to go about editing images, some people enjoy two monitors, I enjoy using one. However I do sort of have the best of both worlds by having my monitor connected as an external display through my laptop. Technically it’s a dual display setup, but rarely do I find the need to use both at the same time other than to run down my laptop battery.

Dual Display

From time to time I find myself leaving iTunes open on one display and Photoshop on the other. This is more of a lazy man’s setup than anything else. If I was editing video and needed to look at images and an editing timeline, then I would certainly prefer two monitors.

Initially I thought a larger display would serve no purpose and would be inferior to the Retina Display, not the case at all. There is a slight difference between the two, but I greatly prefer having a big 27 inch display over a 15 inch any day. Everything is nice and in your face and editing has become a lot easier on the eyes. My laptop gets a lot of wear and tear from heading back and forth to school and traveling to and from photo shoots. My desktop monitor has stayed in pristine conditions since I bought it in June because I’m not picking it up and moving it all the time.

Of course I would recommend buying a big monitor if you’re planning on doing any long term editing but this type of gear is mainly just a personal preference. Find what works for you.


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