Books: Real World Digital Photography

A few months ago I bought a few of Katrin Eismann’s publications on Amazon. I’m most interested in her books on retouching and compositing but I was required to purchase her Real World Digital Photography book for a college course. I think it’s worth mentioning.

Real World Digital Photography is a big undertaking amassing to about 600 pages. I’ve read a lot of photography books and all of them cover the basic Aperture, Shutter, ISO. What’s great about this book though is that it covers almost everything else. It talks in detail about camera sensors, monitor and printer calibration, and why to choose certain types of gear. You won’t find many books that have this much information all in one place.

If I was starting out in digital photography a second time, this book would be my go-to reference. Eismann leaves no stone unturned and introduces the beginner to almost every aspect involved with digital photography from the capture all the way through to the print. Every topic that is discussed in this book is worth discussing and goes into a reasonable amount of depth. If I had to pick just one digital photography book to have in my collection, this would be it.


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