Smartphone Cataloging

Tracking progress is one of my favorite things and it’s honestly a little bit addicting. Crossing things off a to-do list is a very satisfying feeling. At the end of the day I can say most of the time, “Well, I did this, this and this” three things usually. Having a smartphone makes tracking progress extremely fun and easy.

I’ve found a couple apps that take my to-do lists to the next level. If I have a book I’m reading it’s probably written down in a to-do list, that works fine until all the things on the list are done, then the list usually gets thrown out. How do I track what I’m reading over a long period of time? Well there’s an app for that.


This is an app for the iPhone that allows you to scan the barcodes of all the books in your library and keep them cataloged and up to date in your phone. This is great because it gets somewhat difficult to remember what books you’ve read and what ones you haven’t if you have a lot of books. With this app you can rate books, and mark them as read, unread, or in progress. Now I know exactly what I’ve read and what I haven’t. This is a very niche application but it’s extremely useful.

My Movies for Iphone Pro

I liked iBookshelf so much I decided to see what the appstore had for DVD cataloging applications. Turns out there’s just the thing. My Movies for iPhone Pro basically does the same things as iBookshelf but with movies. You can scan the barcodes of DVDs and Blu-Rays very quickly although the app did crash on me twice while I was scanning our staggering movie collection, it was expected.

The beauty of this app is that not only do I know what movies I own which makes buying more of them easier, but I can filter the list by actor and rating, search each film on IMDB directly from the catalog, and track when I last saw each film. It’s another niche program but it is very useful, not entirely necessary, but nice to have if you have a lot of movies. Millions of people use iTunes to catalog their CD and digital music libraries, it seems fitting to have applications for books and movies as well.


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