Kindle Matchbook

As some of you may already know, I am a very big fan of online shopping on Amazon. I frequently take full advantage of my Prime membership and receive choice goods on my doorstep on an almost weekly basis.

This summer I became part of the Kindle family after purchasing my very own Kindle Paperwhite. It has been a joy to use and has made connecting with the content within each book that much simpler. The Paperwhite really sparked my appreciation for novels again. Until I bought a Kindle I almost exclusively read the “techie” type books often associated with photography.

My issue with digital books was always that I already owned a large physical library of books purchased from Amazon that I did not want to purchase again just to read on the Kindle. Now this has begun to change. If you have not already heard, Amazon recently did a sneaky update to its massive library. Amazon has begun what is to be called “Matchbook” in which Amazon customers can spend a couple of dollars to get Kindle versions of physical books they have previously purchased from Amazon.

This is a feature I had always wanted since I bought my Kindle. The Kindle Paperwhite works extremely well for reading text, but not so well for viewing photographs. What’s great about “Matchbook” is that I can now start to have both the physical and Kindle versions of the books I own. I can decide what format I wish to read depending on how much of it is comprised of images, in which case the physical copy would work best, or if the book contains more text I could then decide to read on the Kindle.

This is simply another brilliant play by Amazon. Well done.



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