MagMod – The Gamechanger for Speedlites

A few days ago a Kickstarter project called MagMod came into being. I’ll save the down and dirty details for the related article down below, I’d just like to point a few things out about this killer project.

What’s strange to me is how brutally innovative this Kickstarter project is, when I saw the funding pass 100K, I thought, “Why has it taken this long for someone to make a product like this?” I still have no answers to my own question.

The reason MagMod is getting so much attention is because the invention seems so simple, obviously magnets should be used to attach modifiers to a speedlite. Obviously the modifiers should be able to stack on top of each other. It seems so clear that this is the way flash modifiers should have been from the beginning. I’ll be keeping an eye on the progress of this project as will many many other photographers who would like to bring their flash modifiers to the next level.

This is a classic example of a man seeing something that could be done better and doing it much better in every single way.


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