New Looks on the Blog

You may notice that I have changed a few things around on the blog. This is almost always a personal measure as opposed to functionality.

 While the old template was functional, and it is backed up on my hard drive if I ever wish to switch back, it wasn’t something that I felt right about. I liked the look of the black and the grey but there was something between that and the overall design that I found unappealing.

I’m always looking to keep it fresh. After all, this is a blog with words and the words are meant to be read. This change also keeps me involved on the blog because I DO have to type everything out and I would like to do so on a blog that is uncluttered and attractive.

All of the email subscription boxes, sharing buttons, and blog post archives have been moved to the bottom of the page. You can argue that this action will result in a bit less traffic and email subscriptions, I think it evens out because I am often deterred by a webpage that contains too much information towards the top of the page.

As a sidenote: I am currently finishing up my last month of school before a few months off this summer. There WILL be a significant increase in the quality and quantity of posts around here.

Moving forwards,


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