Online Ordering – Amazon Prime Membership

Like many people, I like to buy things that are durable, high quality, and inexpensive. This is the best of both worlds that every sensible person constantly searches for but seldom finds. In a day like today, is it so unruly to think that it’s impossible to make great purchases at low prices? The Walmart slogan says otherwise. However, they still have overhead expenses on the corporate end keeping the doors of their storefronts from closing. That is a blog post for another day.

My search, or lack-thereof, for a one-stop shop started and ended several years ago when I was shown the homepage. Everyone I’ve talked to seems to enjoy Amazon, for the most part. As long as you’re not a bookstore preservation type of guy. In my opinion, the classic bookstore has its place in society but it’s recently become more of a novelty experience, a relic, when you can do everything online.

Amazon certainly has prevailed as one of the top online love handles for purchases of almost any kind. The reason they are doing so well is because they exist entirely online, no wasted money on a storefront. It’s a brilliant business move on their part because they can focus on delivering quality products fast while maintaining a little bit more of an omnipresence by residing on the internet. Being accessible from anywhere has its perks. A college student like me reaps a lot of benefits in this case. I am stuck on-campus during the week and I am busy photographing or doing school work pretty much any other time. It’s nice for me to be able to quickly sit down and buy a few things without having to travel all the way to a store which might not even have what I’m looking for. I put in my order and that’s all I have to do besides wait for a package to arrive in the mail. The waiting part is the part everyone hates too.

There are a multitude of reasons for decreased patience in society and the increased need for instant gratification and the “having it right now” syndrome. Regardless of the causes to the sudden knee jerk possessiveness in people today whose only worry is their sweaty money and credit cards, Amazon offers a solution. The glorious “Amazon Prime” membership. There are a bunch of benefits to this that include instant streaming for tons of movies but I enjoy the free two-day shipping upgrade on all prime-eligible items. This is great because I can get things shipped to me at a blindingly fast pace without spending an extra dime. For the college dorm resident, this is perfect.

What’s even better is the free Amazon Student Trial I currently am enjoying the benefits of by simply filling out a few more credentials confirming that I attend a university. This membership is the same as Prime only at a reduced price for college kids. Herein lies the purpose of this blog post, I strongly recommend getting a Prime or Student (if possible) membership with Amazon if you haven’t already. I’m not one to try and shove a typical “consumer-whore” ad campaign down someone’s throat, but I do like the things I use everyday to be a sleek, streamlined, durable, inexpensive, and I think most notably with this particular service — easy to use.

My Amazon Student trial has taken something I love very much and use very often and put it on steroids. This is one of those things where there are no downsides, no catches, nothing other than an upgrade from an already great customer service. I am also always interested to see how others run their businesses and Amazon seems to have done themselves and their customers a solid with this one.

My only problem with all of this seems to be…

Why didn’t I do this sooner?


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