Free Book From Shutterfly

A few months ago I made the decision to connect all of my social media platforms to a website called Klout. What does Klout do? After connecting Facebook and Twitter and just about anything else you can think of, Klout measures your overall influence on the web. It’s interesting to be able to see my total impact on the internet. The data that Klout gathers gets simplified all the way down to a number out of a total possible score of 100.

The cool thing is that with every significant increase in your score, there is some sort of perk that accompanies your new score. This is a sort of reward for letting them gather information about your influence. The perk that was most notable to me as a photographer was the free 20 page photo book from Shutterfly. The book is firm and crisp, the colors are accurate, and overall it makes for a nice little quick flip through on the coffee table.

Now that I can see and feel how this book came out, I’m starting to think about making another one that’s bigger and better. I definitely wouldn’t be opposed to creating a “Book Book of Photographs” for myself.

It’s important for any artist of any medium to be able to view their finished product off the screen and in the flesh. I like to be able to hold prints in my hands because, to me, it makes the process of creating so much more real. There’s a certain quality of photographs that slips by unseen and unappreciated when viewing images on a computer screen. Print them. Appreciate them.

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