Going Mobile

This is flabbergasting to me, but I am writing this blog post, with astounding speed, on a mobile smartphone. Honestly, I do not believe that I will be posting from my mobile very often but it’s good to know that this is possible.

Almost everything I can do on my computer I have done, with ease, on my phone. Coming from the guy who is on his computer all the time, it is nice to be even more wireless without feeling stripped of my social media handles.

I’ve got more news and updates on the way. I’m excited about suddenly bearhugging all sorts of new technology (well, new to me) and I really feel like I should share what I’ve been up to. Unfortunately, I am leaving for college to study photography within the next forty-eight hours and I may have to spend my time elsewhere and not blogging. Just know I have not forgotten about this blog, the thought is there and that’s what counts.

Signing off from the HTC One V,

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