More Digital Art

Curiosity strikes me once again. I have noticed in my excursions to DeviantArt and other Photoshop related websites that many, or maybe most digital artists looking to create photomanipulations, tend to buy their own stock images. It had not really occurred to me that you could do this until now. I just assumed that the images on stock websites would only be licensed out to businesses looking to put them on brochures and dinner menus.

Of course, these images do cost money or “credits” that you can purchase in some cases. The trade off is however, that you will be able to use thousands more stock images than a free website can offer as long as you are willing to pay for them.

If I started purchasing images to create my digital art I would probably have to restrict myself to X amount of stocks in a month so I don’t go broke. Although, I think I will probably start taking down the URLS of some stocks for a rainy day when I want to treat myself to some high-quality stock images and create some amazing artwork.

Ideally, I would like to be able to shoot my own stock images to manipulate, but I have not the models or the studio to pull that off quite yet. Hopefully after years and years I will have amassed a large library of stock images I’ve shot myself.

Anyway, this is just something that popped into my head and I thought I would write it down here. It’s a simple concept, all I really want to communicate is nothing more than a basic input/output system.

Low Quality, Free Stock Images –> Low Quality Artwork

High Quality Stock Images –> High Quality Artwork

This is not to say that I haven’t seen some beautiful photomanipulations created from free stock images. I feel as though it would just take a lot less time to create something while using stocks from say, Istockphoto, as opposed to Google Images. Pictures on those kinds of websites are shot with the businessman in mind, which also overlaps with the artist, we’re both looking for clean, high quality stocks to use.

Either way, make yourself some good solid artwork, any way that you can.

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