Graduation! Out With A Bang

I’ve finally graduated High School! I feel so old now. Time to play catch up on this blog.

So here’s what I’ve been up to: 

I won another Gold Key for the Boston Globe Scholastic Art Awards this year. My photo was on display at the Boston Transportation Building for a few months, it was lovely.

Warm Yourself

My teacher from my Entrepreneurship course this year suggested I enter a business plan to a local competition. It’s called the Future Entrepreneurs Series Youth Business Plan Competition sponsored by Brockton Area Workforce Investment Board (BAWIB). My presentation to the panel of judges was about starting a small photography business. I won the first place prize of five hundred dollars! Along with that I now have a solid business plan to work with in the future.

From Left to Right, State Rep Geoff Diehl, Alex (Me, 1st place), Phil (3rd), and James (2nd)

Scholarship night went very well.  After recieving around two thousand dollars in scholarships, I was presented with a plaque of my class from Elementary School with every student’s signature on it.

 My first grade teacher, Holly Schjolden, retired after teaching for forty-eight years.
She is one the nicest people I have ever known and has played a key role in crafting me into the person I am today. She presented me with her scholarship which was so surreal and was by far one of the finest moments of my life.

I will be attending the New England Camera Club Conference in Amherst Mass. this year. My club selected me to be a VIP high school representative, one of the total of six (I think) high school reps that will be attending. I’ve never been to the NECCC before, I’m really looking forward to Joe McNally’s seminar.

An opportunity arose a few weeks ago to assist on a video shoot. This was easily one of the coolest things I’ve had the chance to do in my whole life. I shot video on a 5D Mark II all day. Hopefully I will be able to do similar things like this in the future.

A 5D Mark II equipped with the 24-105L + ND Filter, monitor, follow focus knob, and shoulder rig.

The local newspaper offered me an internship which is exciting, so far I’ve only done one event but I’m looking forward to doing more every week. In combination with having some of my photos published, it has also made me realize how helpful a new camera would be.

The Canon Digital Rebel I’ve used for the past 2-3 years really is not keeping up with me anymore. It’s a great entry level camera, but at this point in time I’m finding that the buffer and long minutes of loading/busy screens after shooting just 4 RAWs is too much. I’m also pretty sure the auto-focus system stopped working months ago. This is not really an issue because I’ve gotten used to manually operating my camera, but auto-focus would have been a nice luxury on several occasions. Anyway, I’m getting extremely close to purchasing some form of a Canon 7D this summer which I am very excited about. This would be a HUGE step up from my rebel. Of course, I have found it difficult to photograph simply on principle because I’ve been spoiled with the privilege of using a 5D Mark II during the video shoots.

This summer is already off to a great start, I’ll be sure to post here whenever something else interesting happens. I love this blog, I love writing about these things, it helps me clarify how my life is going and so far it’s good.


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