The Mindset of Photography

Recently, I was asked what it’s like when I take pictures and what I think about when photographing.

If I have the option, I prefer to photograph alone. Often times, an extra person hanging around with you can be nice but I find it distracting (unless they’re my subject) to have a group of people trying to take the same picture that I am. If I want that shot of a seagull or guy at the bus stop, the more people there are walking around with me will make us more noticeable. This is different than if I was surrounded by people on a busy street in Boston, because no one is following me like a pack of sheep. Photographing alone makes a big difference, otherwise I end up with more “touristy” photographs because the group of people I’m with keeps moving and I can’t capture exactly what I want.

 With this picture, I would’ve liked to capture it without a person in the frame, but I’m content. I think the dark silhouette helps to counteract the white of the background and even out the photo bit.

There’s so much going through my head (Aperture, ISO, Shutterspeed etc.)  when photographing that it almost doesn’t register.
Everything just becomes sort of subconscious, like riding a bicycle, you don’t think “I need to move my legs” you just do it and everything else fades into the background. The setup for self-portraits and my conceptual photographs often takes time to think up, but overall, the execution requires little to no major thinking, just focus. It’s a different mindset than if I were to attend a birthday party or hangout with a friend. At the end of a day of photography, I’m usually tired, because my mind has been riding a bicycle all day. Although it doesn’t appear strenuous, a lot of focus (excuse the pun) is usually required to obtain what I want to capture.

And I love it.

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