As of a few hours ago, We Are Oceans and Myself have both created Tumblr accounts (We Are Oceans Tumblr) (AlexHawkPhotography Tumblr)

I like blogger, and I use it whenever I have something substantial to communicate, but a simpler form of communication is often all that is necessary. Tumblr offers me a way to completely streamline the visual aspect of my social media in a way that is very similar to a Flickr, something that I use all the time. I like the idea that all the pictures and media are right there for you right as you open the webpage, unlike a facebook page where you have to dig through status updates and user comments to get to them. Sometimes websites make things too complicated and it’s nice to see Tumblr deliver a breathe of simplicity, there’s something inspirational about it. It’s a website focused on pictures and media, which is ultimately what I’m looking to create. I want to make pictures.

Anyway, my Tumblr will be another outlet to spread my work around the internet without the wordiness of a blogger. I’ll post here when I have something that I feel needs explaining beyond just a photo or 140 characters.

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