Last year of High School!

Hello, it has been a while. School is back in session for my region of the planet and so far it’s going well. I’m finally a senior in High School!

I joined a photography club a few towns down from where I live, check it out at Hockomock Digital.
So far it seems like the right group for me, at least in regards to an offline (in person) type of group. I still love all the people on Flickr and Deviantart to death.

Got Explore’d on Flickr back in August : CHECK IT OUT I really want to push myself and get a bunch more Explores this year, not that I only worry about statistics or anything, it just feels good to be recognized.

I also had my first exhibition at my local town hall, so I made myself about a dozen prints to hang and sell. I even whipped up a business card. Although I did notice that some of my prints look different from on screen despite the fact that I have finally calibrated my monitor. I’ll clue you in on that in a later post.

I’m also starting to work on more surrealist photo manipulation things, because I have less time to go places this year than usual. I feel like it’ll be fun though.

Remember 9/11
Remember 9/11

The Water Leaf
The Water Leaf

Eagerly awaiting my 18th birthday in February so I can legally make myself a Fotolia or some other stock image account. I currently have a library of over 23,000 images in my hard drive, I’m sure someone out there would pay money to use some of them. That’d be sweet!

That’s all for the moment, I just wanted to make this post to bring everyone up to speed on what I’m doing.


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