My computer crashed again this past Sunday and I spent pretty much all day getting back up to speed. What happened was the 4 pin HDD power connector connected to my C drive (which is usually where windows boots from) had stopped working. The computer shut off and would not turn back on. Luckily, I was able to open up the case and pull a few cords and plug in other ones to the hard drive and get to the BIOS screen. If I hadn’t known from past experience that my hard drive connections are a nuisance, then I probably would have given up. After hours of disc swapping and reloading software I have successfully gotten my PC back to where it was previously (more or less).

Computers are now a necessity for photo editing, music, movies, and almost everything else. I am currently operating on my second desktop computer, which is pushing probably at least three years old now. In the technology world, a three year old electronics device is REALLY OLD, because technology advances so fast.

My point is that it seems in today’s fast paced world, unless you know how to completely gut and rebuild any part of your computer, or any of your electronics for that matter, you won’t be able to keep them running for as long as possible. It has now become cheaper in most cases just to “buy a new one” rather than pay the “tech guy” down the street a couple hundred bucks to do something you could just as easily do yourself.

Another thing I see a lot of are badly treated DVDs and CDs. If you ever rent from Red Box or Netflix or something, about one in every four discs just doesn’t play. This isn’t because Netflix and Red Box are bad services, I love them, but it’s the people who rent those movies and wreck them doing who knows what. There have been several DVDs that I’ve gotten that are just blatantly cut in half or have a huge crack down the side. Electronics will hold up a lot longer if the average consumer just took more care of them.

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