I went to the zoo earlier this month, I shall share my experience.

Past The Feathers

I haven’t been to the zoo since I was maybe two years old, so it was nice to finally go back and see all the funky colored animals. It was pretty hot out the day that I went, so a pretty good amount of animals decided to take a snooze. I can’t say as I can blame any of them, they have to sleep at some point, it just happened to be at the same time I was there. Luckily it wasn’t raining or cloudy, just blue skies and sunburns. It’s kind of surprising how often the weather’s been decent when I’ve wanted to go out and take pictures.


The only things I found annoying and difficult were the chain link fences. In order to remove them from a picture, you have to get as close to the fence as possible and shoot at a wide open aperture in an attempt to blur it out with a shallow depth of field. I was pretty successful with it in the picture above, but I still had to do some post work to try and get rid of it. It’ s even harder when the fence is out of focus, because it just kind of creates a hue on the subject. For instance, the fence is still visible around the monkey’s mouth in the picture above.


The monkeys are very interesting creatures to watch, my mom and I have an unbridled fascination with them, because they are very human like and often times very silly.

Deer in The Headlights

The zoo is a very confusing place as well. Some animals, like the deer, almost seem like they’re posing for you at times, and others won’t stay still for a single second.

I ended the day with about 500 pictures, considering myself lucky if I caught maybe five or six relatively interesting shots during the entire visit.


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  1. Wayne said:

    Excellent photos. I'll definitely have to visit a zoo soon.

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