Over the course of a year, and these past few weeks especially, I’ve run into blocks with shooting at the same location over and over again. Photography is almost never the same, but going to the same places all the time wears me thin after a while, and brings a sameness to my photo collection that I prefer to keep a little more diverse.

Allow me to put it this way. If you’re a farmer, fertile soil is required to grow crops. seeds will be planted and crops will get harvested and planted and harvested again. The soil will need to be tilled after a certain number of times, rotated, changed for the soil to stay fertile because the all the nutrients have been sucked out of it.

This same idea applies to photos in a way, because there’s only a certain number of times you can go somewhere and have it be different in a certain amount of time. When spring comes around, “oh man! flowers!” and I take a few pictures and put them up on Flickr and it’s good. By August I’m sort of fed up with flowers, every picture of them looks exactly like the picture of “that other flower” I saw.

That’s really the only point I wanted to make, and that’s currently the hold up with picture taking. I’m sick of the same dreary New England landscape. I feel as though I’ve exhausted all possible pictures of at least nature/landscapes in the local areas for now.

As a way to offset this problem, you may see a lot more pictures of people and friends of mine while I get plans together to go to somewhere nice.

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