1 year

Do the Dew
I’ve had my DSLR for roughly a year now, and it’s been so much fun! If you look in the archives, I started this blog after I got my point and shoot  repaired again. Using a point and shoot was the start for me, and if I had never used it to its breaking point a bunch of times, I never would have gotten my DSLR.

I guess it had never really occurred to me, until I bought my own Point and Shoot for a summer program in 2009, that you could use cameras at any time, not just for specific social events and birthdays. I guess I was just brought up that way, having cameras only out at specific events. When I was growing up there was still a large variety of film cameras on the market. Not that you can’t do some sweet photos with film, it’s actually quite the opposite. It just makes more sense, in today’s digital world, to learn on a point and shoot and then upgrade to a better one, like I did. That way, you won’t be shelling out tons of money getting film developed for a kid that has no clue what he’s doing.

The day I decided I wanted a DSLR was when I was going through maybe like 10 or 20 AAs a week, so it just made more sense to upgrade. Even though I had only been using a camera for a year give or take, I also wanted more control, so it just seemed like a DSLR was the next step. I ended up getting the Canon 300D which I think is about 8 years old now. I don’t know when exactly, but upon using this camera, I just fell for it.

I think the deciding factor that really made me stick to photography, even though I would anyway, was having a camera that didn’t have shutter lag. Clicking the shutter and taking a picture instantly, which is how it’s supposed to be, really makes a difference. I would never go back to point and shoots full time, not now that I’ve used a DSLR. I still use the point and shoot from time to time, but the 300D is on me almost all the time.

BubblesI’ve had a blast with photography, and I literally spend every free minute with it, just like how I’m sitting here writing this blog right now. It’s kind of fun to see how far I’ve come, if you just scroll through my Flickr stream you can see my photos devolve back to the beginning.

Okay well I just wanted to do some what of a recap of the year and my start in photography, which I feel like I’ve accomplished.


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