Lost In Translation

In my last post I mentioned the concept of being able to create, and then being able to create the same thing just as well in computers. I cannot even fathom how difficult it would be for me to completely draw/paint out an idea I have, let alone replicate or do something similar in Photoshop.

During that process comes the title of this post. Lost in Translation. Art is like a language, becoming more articulated as your vocabulary increases in size. When describing an elephant, I would prefer “gigantic” or more so “staggeringly vast” over just “big”. These words have a subtle nuance about them that further defines the subject. In order to sufficiently define a thought, picture, song, drawing etc. there is a certain amount of technical expertise in that field, like the words of a language, in order to get a point across. This is why I will read a Photoshop book all day and all night. When an idea comes along, I won’t be held back while creating it because I don’t know how to do something in the program.

Try this yourself! Write your name on a piece of paper and then try it again using a brush within a program like paint.net and you’ll see what I’m talking about.

Paint.net one

Hand made one

See the difference?

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