Stock Images

Amongst my findings on the internet, I’ve come across a good solid amount of “digital art”. I mean “digital art” (as it’s labeled on Deviantart) in the sense of digital painting and photo manipulations, which are both very interesting to me. The thought of creating something from scratch is impressive, and photography satisfies my creative head enough in that respect. Now, as I have not really investigated the inner workings of digital painting, I’m not really going to touch upon it too much in this post. I find it amazing to be able to paint very well and then another thing to be able to paint very well inside of a computer. I think both would be a somewhat similar skill set, but still very different. Anyways, that concept will be discussed at a later date, onto photo manipulation.

Stock images are a big part, if not, the main part of photo manipulation. In my own attempts at this form of creation, using multiple images to form a larger whole, I have found some difficulty. There’s a definite amount of pre-meditated vision that goes way before anything else. You have to know what you want to create before you can create it (this goes for any art). This determines what stock images you have to go find and ultimately, what your overall aesthetic will look like. Next, what I find to be the most daunting part, is actually going on the internet and finding all those images you want to use. I find this part to be very frustrating because of all the rules and stipulations everyone has with their own respective stock images. Then having to download them all making sure not to lose the URLs to any of the images if should I decide to stick my work on the internet somewhere.

Another minor annoyance in regards to finding stock images. There’s a few leading stock image sites, like iStockPhoto for instance, but they cost money. Maybe not that much if you’re just going to make one photo manipulation one time, not spending too much overall. But to anyone who wants to do it all the time, they could end up shelling out a lot of money, which I don’t have. A good free one that I use is, but compared to the items of iStockPhoto, there seems to be a significant drop in quality and contrast and all that jazz.

A sort of pickiness goes along with sifting through stock images as well. If I have a certain vision, I want stock images that are as close to that vision as possible, or something I can work with. Of course, all of these issues and minor gripes with the genre are part of the deal. When setting out to create something with stock images, it should be expected to spend some time sifting through websites and pages of photos to find exactly what you want, even it means blowing a few dollars.

All that being said, I would like to show you my most recent photo manipulation. I don’t really know what I would call it. Something to do with water obviously. I don’t want to say that’s Jesus reaching out to some guy with a hatchet, I was going for more of a Poseidon-ish thing. Just in case there was to be any misconceptions

and here’s all the stock images:

Barbarian guy

Rock cliff thing

totally not jesus looking viking guy


Big waves

Other water


And I think that’s about it. Don’t post that picture anywhere else please thanks!

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