The Less That’s in Focus

Just a little tid bit here. Some popular photos today have a lot of bokeh. What that is is all that stuff that’s out of focus in a picture. This is created by using a low F Number (wide open aperture) and is magnified by the focal length of a lens. So if you have f/5.6 on your 18-55mm @18mm you won’t notice the shallow depth of field because you’re zoomed out all the way. In contrast to this @55mm, the more noticeable this effect will be because you’re essentially creating more space between your subject and your background.

like here

Del Bokeh Vista

The plant is in focus, while everything else is blown way out of focus. The circles you see in the background are actually made from light bouncing inside the opening of your lens. Maybe it’s just me, but it seems the internet crowd really likes these kinds of pictures. Landscapes still get around, but I see more pictures on Flickr and Deviantart with more shallow depths of field and soft focusing. This is almost as if, the less you show, the more intriguing and interesting a photo becomes, which I can agree with to some extent.

Go and shoot some Bokeh filled pictures for me!

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