Neck Straps

I can’t seem to stress enough how important neck straps are to me. They can be the deciding factor of whether a camera smashes on the ground into a million pieces or not if it gets dropped from your hands at any given moment. They’re not that expensive either, and most new cameras come with one in the box, so might as well use it. Instances where cameras are dropped are more frequent if you’re out scouting for pictures just walking around. This is because you’re not really focused on taking pictures until you get to a location you want to shoot. Which is why cameras always seemed to get dropped in transit, because you forget about them.

Although I suppose if you had a Nikon D3X or a Canon 1Ds MkIII you probably wouldn’t forget you had it on you.

My point is that you should always have a neck strap on your camera, even if it’s not around your neck, because you can just as easily wrap it around your hand to stop it from falling too.

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