Talent Show/Band Pictures

Earlier this month I took pictures at my high school’s talent show. I wasn’t given any special treatment for bringing my camera, in fact, I was told to take a seat like everyone else. A minor hurdle, considering I’ll probably be taking Yearbook next year and will probably have a pass to take pictures. At least, that way, I’ll be able to move around more at school events being an official photographer (or just a kid with a laminated piece of paper and a camera).

Despite having to be glued to my seat the entire show, I did manage to get some half decent pictures, which I am slowly sifting back through and uploading to flickr.

Slap The Bass

I was actually kind of surprised at my results, considering I was shooting at 1600 on a 300D in the dark with a telephoto. There was indeed, a lot of noise reduction in post, but the photos are passable.

I was asked a few times to take pictures of bands during practices, and I have had a pretty successful time with those as well. Right now all the bands I take pictures for are friends of mine, and they don’t expect anything of me, they’re just happy to get 20 or so pictures at the end. I get to do all the shots I want, along with whatever the band thinks they might like.

The only real issue that juts out in particular is how much I’ve shot at 1600 and 3200 ISO through all the band shoots and the talent show, which my camera itself really isn’t up to spec for. I’m currently working on getting a mid to upper level DSLR that can hack low light stuff like that. Faster continuous shooting for longer amounts of time wouldn’t be so bad either. Someone playing a song is not going to hold a note or a facial expression while you get the shots. All issues that will soon go away, hopefully by the end of the summer, but if I can do everything pretty well right now, it’s only going to get better.

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