Macro Filters

I’m very much a fan of the Macro Photography scene, but like most people, I don’t have an extra 500 bucks laying around to go purchase a Macro lens. So I began hunting around Amazon for a solution. Low and behold, there are Macro filters available for purchase at a VERY reasonable price. They are exactly what the name suggests, magnification filters that just screw on to the end of your lens. Initially I thought they wouldn’t cut it, considering they weren’t anywhere near the $500 dollar range, but oh do they cut. With these filters, I have been able to pull off some extreme close-ups:

bottoms up

Oreos and Milk

Orb Guy


mr. leaf

Of course, since they are essentially screw on magnifying glasses, the depth of field becomes really shallow, requiring you to crank your aperture, which requires more light. So if you plan to anything inside with them, make sure you have a decent light source, but if you’re outside on a sunny day, you can probably hack just about anything.

But seriously, if you want to get into Macro photography, get these filters before going and buying that expensive Macro lens, you could save yourself a ton of money. Of course, if you’re going to be doing any professional close-ups for National Geographic then I would suggest purchasing that Macro lens, considering it would probably pay for itself anyway.


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