Boston Globe Scholastic Art Awards

Last Sunday I attended the awards ceremony for Gold and Silver key winners in the Boston Globe Scholastic Art Competition. I won a gold key for my photography, and I am thrilled! I don’t know off the top of my head, but I think there was something like 6000 students and 12000 images submitted which they narrowed down to a few hundred gold and silver key winners.

I didn’t really know of the competition until my digital photography teacher told me I should enter a photo.

Talk to me

It’s funny, I don’t really even like that particular picture as much as some of my other work so I didn’t expect anything.

The Boston Transportation building is currently displaying all the gold and silver key works in a gallery on the second floor. It’s flattering to see my work alongside those of other artists my age and be one of the select few.

The building itself is rather interesting, it’s kind of a retro steel girder deal with things hanging from the ceiling. A food court is below the gallery, and it’s fun to just watch people.

lunch by yourself

The ceremony itself was kind of an “in and out” thing. Everyone files in, sits down, hears a few speeches, files up on stage “I’m so and so from blah blah in such and such a town and I won a gold key( or silver key)” and then everyone leaves afterward. I kind of expected it to be a little bit more of a social gathering rather than like a pat yourself on the back thing. I wanted to meet some other artists and just kind of shoot the breeze about whatever.

What I think upset me the most though, was that I was the only photographer who actually brought a camera with them. I even brought it up on stage, where I got a bunch of weird looks like, “what’s this guy doing with his camera?!” which kind of annoys me. That’s the great part about cameras, their built to move, you’re supposed to take them places. I don’t know what was with all those kids, but they didn’t seem that passionate about photography if I was the only one with a camera.

That being said, I take some pictures while I was in Boston, I’m still uploading them over the course of the next few days, but here’s a few:

Shipping Out To Boston

All in all, the Scholastic Art Awards were good, I’m glad I could go and have my art exhibited. At the very least it brings some validity to what I say and why I’m taking pictures all the time, practically obsessing over photography.


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