The Genius of Photography

I always find myself trying to find more information on photography, anything. Now, there are a lot of good web pages out there about photography, but one television series stays at the top of my list.

My favorite informational documentary I’ve seen thus far is a BBC program called, “The Genius of Photography”. They take a very interesting, indepth look into photography, with a series that perfectly articulates all the different bits and pieces of information on the subject into a beautiful six part series.

You can watch the series on youtube at GeniusOfPhotography.

It’s wonderous, most documentaries bore me to tears, but there’s something about this particular one that kept me glued to the screen. Being able to keep someone’s attention for an extended amount of time is a key part to making any good movies or shows. You know it must be good when you can’t look away, of course, that saying shouldn’t be applied to everything haha.

Have fun watching!

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