Waiting for Spring

hey a bench! oh wait.

A few weeks ago I went down to my local town park to take pictures. It was fun while it lasted, and I did manage to get a few good photos in the end, but it was really cold the entire time. Overall I think I only spent a half hour to forty five minutes there because I couldn’t feel my fingers. I suppose the trade off is that, since it’s so cold, no one wants to go outside, thus, no one spoiling my shots.

After a while, I tend to get itchy to go take pictures, somewhere, anywhere. Thirty minutes out in the cold is better than zero minutes out in the cold. Here in New England, you better get used to it, it’s cold for the better part of the year and the weather changes dramatically all the time. The weather does get boring after a while, once the snow arrives, it usually stays.

I am currently waiting for spring so I can start in on some extreme long exposure photos. I got a ten stop Neutral Density filter in the mail from Amazon months ago and have yet to use it. Of course, coupled with that was a remote interval timer. I’m really excited to try these new gadgets, I’m done with this wintery business.

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