Drink Your Little Drink

Street photography is something that intrigues me. How you can just walk around a city in the flow of people and take pictures of unknowing subjects and keep on strolling. I was in a restaurant the other day, and decided to bring my SLR in. I thought there would be a lot of people looking over at me because SLRs are generally pretty sizable, but there wasn’t.

It’s funny, because if you read some results in a Google search, most hardcore street photographers swear by an old Leica film camera and a 50mm prime. I do think that with Street photography, as well as any type of candid photography, that it is necessary to stay as discrete as possible. The smaller the camera, the better. I also think that with today’s technologically consumed world, phones, Ipods and other mobile electronic devices, the people of the world are paying less attention to those around them. This is bad in the sense that there is probably less face to face talking, but it’s good because it means you can most likely sneak by with even the largest of SLRs.

Street photography provides a new challenge to the art, taking pictures quickly, and going unnoticed. This works best in a city somewhere, and is excellent because you’ll probably never see the same person twice in a day, so it’s always going to be different. Photography in and of itself is geared to that respect, it’s never exactly the same, there’s always something new to shoot. Street photos in particular though seem to change the fastest. I have only dabbled with it so far, but I plan on devoting some more time to it soon, like going into Boston and trying my hand at this again.

You should too!

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