Monitor Calibration

So there’s something I picked up on in the last month or two, and that’s monitor calibration. When you look at something on your computer, you can only see it as well as your monitor can display whatever it is you’re looking at. Since you only have one monitor for your computer, you have nothing else to compare to and everything looks correct. If you ever get the chance to place a calibrated and uncalibrated monitor side by side, you will find that one is actually closer to the true colors that it is attempting to display than the other.

This is a large factor for any serious or professional visual guru. You want the colors you see on your monitor to be the colors that are actually there. In my current situation, the colors of my images look slightly dull when printed as compared to the colors on my screen, because it is not currently calibrated. Everyone on the internet who does have a correctly calibrated monitor will see that some of my images might not look exactly as I see them.

I am currently looking into monitor calibration before seriously trying to assemble any portfolios or books of photographs for college or anything. One monitor calibration tool I am looking into is the X-Rite EODIS2 Eye-One Display 2 on Amazon

You just hang it over the front of your monitor and it does the rest to the best of its ability.

Only time will tell, I’ll report back with my findings in a few weeks.

Have a lovely day!

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