New Year! Been a While!

Hi I’m back! I never really went away, I just forgot to post here over the hectic holiday months. I don’t really know where I left off. I’m currently in the 2nd part of my digital photography class at my Highschool, and I literally have learned nothing. I’m really just there to clock hours and get the credits.

So! Anyway!

I’d like to think I’ve further progressed in my photography over the last few months, with a few new photoshop plugins and tutorials and whatnot. I think mostly with digital, it wouldn’t do your photos justice not to edit them, because that’s the joy of digital photography. You can make edits, you don’t have to settle for whatever comes out of the enlarger.

Here’s some of my more recent work

So Alone

I see this everyday


Lost Track of The Hours Here

Maybe You Can Take Me There


I’ll see you in a few days K? I have some more info for you.

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