oh hey!

hey there! I almost forgot I had a blog for a while, I’ve been so busy. I’ve done a lot of stuff since I had my last post. I have since purchased a Canon EF-S telephoto 55-250mm lens for about $240, which is a pretty solid lens for what it is. I haven’t really put it to its intended use, which is for photographing sports, so I’ll have to get back to you. I almost expected it to be a longer range, but it’s fine for now.

I also started shooting RAW format instead of JPEGS. there’s so much more flexibility in post processing, I love it! although I think the only possible downfall is that they take up more space than JPEGS.

On top of that, my CD/DVD drive just kicked the bucket the other day, so I can’t burn anything to data DVDs (which I have hundreds of at the moment.) so that has really put a damper on the pictures. My internal hardrive (which I put all my pictures on) also either, died, or it’s cable connections to my computer’s motherboard broke. luckily I’ve also backed up all my stuff onto my external hardrive. Even then, I’m still kind of hesitant to load pictures into my computer when I can only put them in one place.

It used to be that I’d load all my pictures onto my internal drive, and save all the edited ones and originals and whatever. Then I’d backup all that stuff onto my external hardrive and when I was ready to burn like 4gigs of files to DVD I would. but now, I can only put them on my external hardrive, which I’m looking to fix in the next month.

at a shop somewhere, my dad also bought a bag of film camera things. so I want to find a sneaky little nook of a website that sells bulk rolls of film, which undoubtedly will turn into an entire mini fridge of film in my room.

The lexmark printer we have seems to be printing really muddy looking photos, which I know shouldn’t be the case, when all I’ve photographed is a butterfly on a flower. So I also need to obtain strictly my own photo printer.

The best part about all of that is, its all relatively cheap. you can get an external hardrive enclosure for under $10, an external CD/DVD burner for $40 and a canon photo printer for about $100. It’s all just a matter of time really.

get a load of my latest work on my flickr page. Several of the recent pictures I’ve taken have not yet been posted, again, this is due to workflow issues on my part.

see you in a .gif HAHAHA

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