I was walking home from island grove the other day, after taking pictures (this is the same time as my last post) and the people whose house I was standing in front of started talking to me. They asked what kind of camera I had, if I was their neighbor etc. We got to the topic of DSLRs and they mentioned how they got their DSLR off of Craigslist which I had not really thought about. It had crossed my mind, but I hadn’t really looked into it. They said they got a camera for about $250, which for a DSLR seems like a pretty good deal.

I went home and looked on Craigslist only to find a ton of cameras, many of which were out of my price range. I found a Canon Rebel Xsi with the standard lens and a bunch of accessories for $200 which seems awfully low, and turned out to be a scam.

Continuing my search, I found a Canon Eos Digital Rebel (300D), which I have since bought for $275: lens, body, memory card, batteries etc. It’s a seven year old used camera, but the quality of the images still beats any point and shoot by miles, and it hadn’t had any problems ever in the previous owner’s possession. I am very excited to have this camera as a starting DSLR, I am planning to get some more lenses, and I am excited to put some of the pictures I’ve taken so far on Flickr. Unfortunately, I have reached my monthly limit on my free account again, so I guess you’ll have to wait another few days until the beginning of next month to see them.

I would upgrade to Pro in a heartbeat, but I don’t really have money to spare, which seems to be a rising problem lately. There’s always something that wants to spend my money it seems. There’s always someones birthday coming up, or always something else happening that I need money for. I don’t really need a Pro account, I’m hoping that with the amount of control I now have with my Rebel that my account will gain some traffic. I hope that one day, atleast one of my photos will make it to the front of the explore page on Flickr, it’s just a confidence thing I think, and it would get my name out there as far as photography goes. It’s one thing to have your friends tell you they like your pictures, but it’s completely another if you can get anyone to like your pictures. I think that it’s hard to get your friends’ opinion of yourself or things that you do sometimes, because they don’t want to tell you things you don’t want to hear. I wish the world was a place with a more blunt population, I would love that, it would save everyone so much time and energy.

Right now I’m doing everything for myself. I post pictures to flickr, facebook, and I write this blog for no one else but myself. If you look at most musicians and artists, they do what they do because they love to do it, I suppose I’m the same, I love photography. It’s hard to think that I’m a good photographer, because for every good picture, there’s a lot more bad ones that people don’t see. I also find it hard to take different pictures sometimes, I think it’s because I don’t really go anywhere different. I just need to go somewhere and take pictures that’s not my backyard which I’m getting really bored of. There’s so many places I haven’t gone, I would love to be able to go somewhere else like New York or even just the beach to take pictures. I want to eventually move to/take a trip to Iceland and just shoot photos all day.

I think I’m more or less a still photographer, or at least a photographer that doesn’t really take pictures of people. I would, but all the people I know turn the other way when I try to take a picture of them, I don’t know what the problem is. I suppose I need to ask some people if they can pose for me sometime or something, which seems awkward in itself, despite me being the most outgoing person ever!! Now that I think about it, I guess I just haven’t asked the right people.

Getting back to the new camera, it also came with a wireless remote control, so you can take pictures at the click of a button from a certain distance away. I’ll probably make some type of cool stop animation video or something in the future. I don’t know how well it will turn out, because the memory card only holds about 500 photos depending on what settings you have. Seeing as video moves at about 29.97 frames a second, 500 frames isn’t that long, but I think stop animation is a little cooler when it’s not that smooth, like 5-10 frames a second.

I am also looking forward to doing some water, smoke, and light photography, those three things have always fascinated me when it comes to photos. how you can extend your exposure time and make water look really misty and dreamy, or how you could shoot at 1/4000 of a second and make it completely freeze as it strikes the bottom of a glass. Smoke as in setting up lights in a studio, taking pictures of the smoke from burning incense at a really high shutter speed and then editing cool colors into it. Light graffiti is another thing that has fascinated me, I tried some the other day, and it was AWESOME! I didn’t really make anything worth posting, but it came out alright.

1234! 12:34AM I’m going to bed. This is undoubtedly my largest post yet, I had a lot to say about things lately.

  1. The 300D is a good starters dSLR. My first was a Nikon D40x. I currently am using other formats but am getting a Canon EOS 7D (18 megapixels. as a huge kit for nearly $4000) soon prior to photography school. You have a good eye and should look into taking courses and earning a certificate. Best of luck with your new camera

  2. Thank you! I am hopefully going to be taking some photography classes at my HS next year, but honestly, I don't think I'll learn a whole lot. It's more just so I can say I took a digital photography class and help me get into the right college.

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