Since it is getting closer and closer to the end of the school year, some of the activities have ended. For example, I don’t have to do drums for Show Choir pit band every Tuesday now that it’s over for the year. I took the opportunity to stay after last Tuesday anyway to find out about some photography things. The teacher that runs the school newspaper (which is an online newspaper) said he needed a photographer, and I was the only one who seemed to have any interest so I got the job. No one else really even offered so there was no competition, so it wasn’t “I got this by being the best” it was “I got this job because I am the only one willing to do it”. He didn’t even ask to see any of my pictures, I could be terrible at photography…

This job for the school newspaper requires (to some extent) me to go to some school events and take pictures. A fair majority of these events are sporting events, something a point and shoot camera really can’t do well. This makes getting an DSLR a main priority at this point.

I was originally thinking of getting a Nikon D3000 because I thought it would be a good starting SLR, but the reviews on it weren’t so hot. Also, alot of the people that I’ve met/seen/talked to have Canon DSLRs which seem to be more common. I just think in the long run, Canon will be a better bet than Nikon because Accessories will be easier to find. Just something I’m keeping in the back of my head.

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