Nothing’s Perfect

I was taking in the trash barrels today, around 7 o’clock or so, when inspiration struck. One of my cats, Woodstock (Woody), was sitting under the yellow rays of the floodlights. The driveway is rather large, a few floodlights are needed to illuminate it. The floodlights do the job collectively, each making their own little circle of light on the pavement. I found Woody’s particular spot within one of these circles appealing, my camera and I bounded into action.

I snapped several photos in the seconds that followed. Due to the lack of ability your average camera has in a Tuesday’s darkness (or any other night of the week, Tuesday just sounds good, and it is Tuesday, so there), none of the pictures that were yielded could accurately replicate the image I had created in my head. But note, I will not delete these pictures.

Not every picture you take- no, your camera takes- will be perfect, nothing’s perfect. I realized today, that the pictures that come out “bad” can still help you. Consider those pictures rough drafts, bookmarks. Use those pictures to remind you of what you were aiming for when they were taken. The more times you take that picture, or something like that picture, the nearer you’ll get to what you wanted.

It’s weird to think that my twelve year-old, arthritis-laden, tuxedo cat sparked a thought such as this. 🙂

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