Take Pictures Every Day.

I have recently noted that to become good at anything, you must do that activity all the time. In this case the activity is, photography, of course. I am trying my hardest to take pictures with my camera almost everyday. I will post some of them here, but the current state of my Flickr account only allows 100MB of photos a month. This will be rectified soon enough, but until then, you will only see a small portion of the pictures I take.

I went on an “excursion” to my town’s park yesterday to take pictures. It went well, seeing as I am a major homebody. I needed to break out of my homework/school rut which has so sneakily consumed my life. I have yet to do all my homework this weekend now that I think about it. Here are some of the pictures from my town park

I have a thing for trees

Mr. Squirrel

Park Bench

I’m surprised the squirrel picture came out as good as it did. My crappy point and shoot can’t zoom very far. For a $100 camera, it fairs rather well. I am still avid about acquiring a DSLR camera. I plan to have one by like June, probably earlier, I hope.

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