Why I like Photography

So I was pondering why I enjoy photography as much as I do. I guess the name itself made me realize that there’s more to pictures than just the 1 mega pixel images taken from a phone. That phone is subsequently held by a moody teenager glaring into a mirror in a Wendy’s bathroom. The latest and greatest social networking site is then inundated with these “hot profile pix!!”, and no one really gives a crap. I think you get the idea, and we all have the idea.

Honestly, I don’t know what the “click” moment was that I realized my love for photography. I find it quite easy, in comparison making videos or drawing. I got my first digital point and shoot camera in June of 2009 for the local PCC summer program, but that’s another blog all together. The camera is a Kodak C180, which has been surpassed by a plethora of newer models, but it holds it’s own.

I recently decided to save for a Digital SLR camera after realizing the stranglehold my kodak had on me. This is a work in progress, I am so excited to get an SLR and equip myself with a vast expanse of options to use. All of which are absent from most Point and Shoot cameras. I am referring to certain variables like Aperature, Shutterspeed, and ISO settings for the most part. I shouldn’t totally knock point and shoot cameras though, they’re not that bad. DSLRs are ages away from being able to fit in skin tight jeans or reside with Andrew Jackson in someone’s purse.

This entire blog is actually brought about because of my Kodak. It got a black spot in the lens, most likely dead pixels, and so a repair was required. “Agent Bryan L.” of Kodak was all too unhelpful, but nevertheless, my camera is back with me now. I told myself I would make a blog after receiving my camera in the mail, and here we are. It’s also kind of because my brother has a blog, but that doesn’t mean anything.

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